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Leading the Charge – Are cities ready for a fleet led EV revolution?

This AppyWay report urges local authorities and transport planners to work more closely with commercial fleets to make a success of EV infrastructure.

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Smart Transports is hosting the 'Active Travel' webinar series in association with Raleigh UK

Hear from industry experts as they outline the benefits and challenges of prioritising active travel in both your private & professional lives across both urban and rural settings. 

Smart Transports is hosting the 'Active Travel' webinar series in association with Raleigh UK. 

Join us on Wednesday 18th November at 2pm for the first of three webinars where our expert guests will be discussing;

- The social and economic benefits of electric bikes

- How can electric bikes make transport more affordable?

- How can cities and planners incorporate increased active travel to support the health and wellbeing of the population? 

- Utility Cycling with an electric bike: is it a game changer?

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