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Smart Transport members call for tougher air pollution targets

Sale of ICE cars could be limited ahead of 2030

DfT launches £794 million fund to reopen two rail routes

Bristol to introduce charging clean air zone

TfL calls for extra £1.6bn per year to decarbonise by 2030

Nissan to increase EV battery production in the UK


lost cycleways

Case study: Britain’s lost cycleways

Between 1937 and 1940 the Ministry of Transport only gave grants to local authorities for arterial road schemes if they included nine-foot-wide cycleways both sides of the road.

Hs2 birmingham

Case study: HS2 cycle link

A cycleway alongside HS2 was part of the vision for the project, and would deliver health, congestion and economic benefits of between £3 and £8 per £1 spent.


Acceleration Unit is go – but where, exactly, is it going?

The Government has appointed a team of specialists to help speed up transport projects, but the building element is only part of the story, reports Beate Kubitz

Market forecast for connected and autonomous vehicles

Market forecast for connected and autonomous vehicles

Connected Places Catapult report analysing the potential future Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) market for the UK.