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Local authorities lose out on £885m in parking charges due to Covid-19 lockdown

EU to fund £18m worth of climate and urban mobility innovation projects

Smart Transport members work with DfT to shape decarbonisation plans

UK in top 10 most expensive countries for home charging EVs

London in lockdown sees air quality improve by up to 50%

Two-thirds no longer comfortable commuting via public transport

The Smart Transport webinar programme: Watch 18 presentations from industry experts


Unlocking the electric trucking in the EU: recharging in cities

This Transport and Environment report has identified 173 cities and urban areas where chargers are needed in 2030 to put Europe’s road freight on a path to zero emissions.

Decarbonisation of Transport report

Decarbonisation of transport - Welsh Parliament EIS Committee

The Senedd’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills (EIS) Committee examines whether Welsh Government targets for decarbonisation are realistic or overambitious.

Financing climate action with positive social impact - how banking can support the just transition in the UK

This report from LSE Grantham Research Institute, the climate change research group, looks at recommendations for the Government to help support a green recovery with the help of the banking and finance sector.

Interior of an autonomous car

Driving Change for Autonomous Vehicles

ESTECO explains how simulation can help validate next-generation vehicles using a scenario-based verification plan.