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Trudy Harrison appointed transport minister in cabinet reshuffle

Decarbonising transport: Resetting how people and goods travel

EV chargers to 'switch off' at peak times to manage electricity demand

VIDEO: Virtual Smart Transport Conference June 2021 presentations


Roadside sign telling motorists they are entering Bath's clean air zone

Clean air zone in Bath: City expects to generate £1m in extra revenue

Bath & North East Somerset Council has been on a four-year journey to launch its clean air zone (CAZ), one of the first outside London to implement an area that charges non-compliant businesses.

Overhead view of a busy railway station with many lines leading into it

New rail business model: Working with GBR

As works start to shape the planned new public body, Great British Railways, what space will there be for innovation outside the nationalised publicly-owned core? Where will private sector entrepreneurs and devolved regional authorities with local agendas fit into the new jigsaw?

SMMT report: Fuelling the fleet: Delivering commercial vehicle decarbonisation

Fuelling the fleet: Delivering commercial vehicle decarbonisation

The SMMT report underlines the need to support powertrain research and infrastructure developments to facilitate the transition to zero emission HGVs.

UK Hydrogen Strategy

UK hydrogen strategy

This strategy sets out the Government's approach to developing a low carbon hydrogen sector in the UK.