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EV progress leaves Treasury facing tax challenge

Wales to trial default 20mph speed limits

Campaign for Better Transport outlines its 2021 Budget wish list

EVs set to outnumber diesel cars by 2030


rural countryside

Travel solutions for rural communities

Out of sight meant out of mind when it came to solving the transport problems experienced by non-urban residents, but the focus is shifting, says Beate Kubitz

Cambridge route map

Cambridge creating a driverless public transport blueprint for the world

Mayor aims to harness the city’s technology skills to develop an innovative transit system

lost cycleways

Case study: Britain’s lost cycleways

Between 1937 and 1940 the Ministry of Transport only gave grants to local authorities for arterial road schemes if they included nine-foot-wide cycleways both sides of the road.

Hs2 birmingham

Case study: HS2 cycle link

A cycleway alongside HS2 was part of the vision for the project, and would deliver health, congestion and economic benefits of between £3 and £8 per £1 spent.