Lilian Greenwood

Lilian Greenwood was elected as MP for Nottingham South in 2010, and was appointed to the Transport Select Committee in the same year. In 2011 Lilian became Shadow Local Transport Minister, before moving on to the role of Shadow Rail Minister in January 2013. During this time Lilian campaigned successfully for the widening of the A453 and extensions to Nottingham’s tram network. Lilian was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet in September 2015, becoming Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, and retained the Transport brief until her resignation in June 2016. In July 2017 Lilian was elected Chair of the Transport Select Committee, a role she held until November 2019. As Chair, Lilian was committed to ensuring that the needs of all transport users were addressed, particularly those whose voices are least heard by decision-makers. As the out-going Chair of the Committee, Lilian remains passionate about transport policy and will continue to fight for better, safer and more sustainable transport for everyone in this new Parliament. She remains a strong advocate for electrification of the Midland Main Line.