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Budget 2020: Fast-charging infrastructure gets £500m boost

The Government has pledged £500 million over the next five years to support the rollout of a fast charging network for plug-in vehicles.

In the Budget announcement, the Government said access to high quality, convenient charging infrastructure is critical for drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles confidently.

It said the investment would ensure drivers will never be further than 30 miles from a rapid charging station.

This will include a Rapid Charging Fund to help businesses with the cost of connecting fast charge points to the electricity grid.

To target spending from this fund effectively, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles will complete a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure review.

Justin Benson, UK Head of automotive at KPMG, said: “The Government’s willingness to support clean vehicle technologies to improve air quality and the environment is important.

“While regulation is already in place for cleaner vehicles on the road, cutting taxes on these is the right way forward, particularly to boost consumer demand. This will also encourage car manufacturers to develop these cleaner technologies more quickly.

“Another boon for the sector is the £500m announced for car charging hubs, which should help to alleviate range anxiety for consumers interested in electric vehicles.

“However, whether this is new money – and not the £400m announced via the Industrial Strategy - remains to be seen. So watch this space, as more detail is needed.”

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