Streamed Seminar Sessions

How technology and smart solutions will create resilient and effective networks that keep traffic moving with case studies about success stories.

How technology and smart solutions will create a viable network 

Shared Mobility

One of the hottest topics of the moment, discover how shared mobility services can fulfil travel needs and learn the key factors that underpin a successful scheme.


A flexible solution in the city but what are the regulatory frameworks necessary to ensure safety, efficiency and equity? This session provides the answers.


A clean, low cost freight revolution is possible if government and industry work to embrace alternatives. Gain invaluable insight into solutions from across the globe.

air quality

Cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to help the private sector improve air quality and how these key policy drivers will impact on your business.

zero emissions

How cities can move from low emissions to zero emissions and what this means for public health and the transport sector.

Transport should be available to everyone regardless of wealth, age, race or disability. Hear the solutions that can achieve this utopia.

the power of data

Data is king. Leading experts explore the role of data in influencing customer behaviour and its impact on policy and practice.