Jonathan Bray

Urban Transport Group

Jonathan has been the Director of Urban Transport Group (formerly the Passenger Transport Executive Group) since 2008. Prior to that he was the Assistant Director.   

Before that Jonathan’s background was a mix of policy development and lobbying on transport issues. Jonathan enjoys building and steering effective teams and networks to achieve fundamental and positive change based on sound analysis, creative thinking and unwavering commitment. This positive change encompasses saving Urban Transport Group members millions through joint procurement and negotiation and more effective ways of providing services, as well as re-shaping national transport policy for the better. This has ranged from being one of the leaders of the successful campaigns in the nineties to shift the emphasis of UK transport policy from road building to public transport, through to winning a far more effective set of bus powers for local transport authorities in 2017.

Jonathan also writes about new thinking on urban transport in a regular column in Passenger Transport magazine.

 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM
Pre-booked Seminar Streams
The Ethics of Smart Transport

How do we make transport accessible for all?

In the rush towards smarter transport with greater use of technology, how can policymakers and companies avoid people being left out of the system? How can smart transport be genuinely inclusive and accessible for all?

Urban Transport Group
Sustainable Smart Transport

How do we make transport in cities healthier?

How can cities use smart transport to cut carbon emissions, air pollution and obesity? This seminar will look at what cities and the private sector can do to make transport genuinely sustainable.

Last Mile

What are the business requirements? What are the problems? What needs to be solved?  

How can sustainable first/last mile services be provided to create genuinely door-to-door freight and passenger services? What are the business requirements? What are the problems? What needs to be solved?