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Skedgo and Motiontag collaborate on travel behaviour tech

Skedgo and Motiontag are collaborating with new technology to help transport planners measure changes in travel behaviour.

The partnership will combine Skedgo’s journey planning tools with Motiontag’s analytics.

Both companies said that transport planners will often need to prove people are changing their behaviours, but they often don’t have the tools to measure and provide better tangible evidence.

With the new solution, mobility stakeholders can gain access to both travel intentions and travel data.

Providing assistance and recommendations to travellers based on their historical trips will be possible, unlocking the potential to prove their end users have changed traveling behaviours. Mobility analytics dashboards and exports are provided to follow the evolution of behaviours, such as modal splits.

The combined approach is already being used by Swiss Rail and Berlin’s transport operator BVG.

Fabien Sauthier, managing director of Motiontag, said: “We think this is a paradigm shift to steering travellers to use mobility solutions that are adapted to each travellers’ situation.”

Smart Transports is hosting the 'Active Travel' webinar series in association with Raleigh UK

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Smart Transports is hosting the 'Active Travel' webinar series in association with Raleigh UK. 

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