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Kia launches Purple M electric vehicle transport-as-a-service joint venture

Kia has launched a new electric vehicle mobility service called Purple M in a new joint venture with Korean autonomous technology company

Both companies plan to create new concepts for mobility and transportation-as-a-service products underpinned by’s proprietary Urban Mobility Operating System (UMOS).

UMOS is a mobility platform which integrates autonomous vehicle and air transportation services including e-hailing, fleet management, demand-responsive shuttle and smart logistics.

Ho Sung Song, CEO and president of Kia, said the new joint venture would help establish Kia as a leader for the era of e-mobility.

Purple M aims to establish an e-mobility service platform, and lead the development of a sustainable TaaS ecosystem by deploying EVs as part of any future mobility product launch.

Chang Song, founder and CEO of, will serve as Purple M chairman.

Seo Young-wu, a former CEO of Poolus, a carpooling service start-up, has been appointed as CEO of Purple M.

Song said: “Our goal is to accelerate the era of electric vehicles through Purple M.

"The integrated mobility and logistics platform UMOS will be central to building an e-mobility ecosystem encompassing everything from infrastructure to services."

The new start-up is expected to provide a model for collaboration between larger, well-established firms and smaller, younger companies in Korea, as the country seeks to establish a new start-up ecosystem to encourage technological innovation.

Earlier this year, Kia announced ‘Plan S’, its mid- to long-term strategy aimed at progressively establishing a leadership position in the future automotive industry, encompassing mobility services and vehicle electrification, connectivity and autonomy.

‘Plan S’ outlines Kia’s shift from a business focused on internal combustion engines toward one centered on EVs and customised mobility solutions.

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