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Geotab launches keyless solution to boost car sharing

Geotab, the fleet telematics and connected transport provider, has developed a digital key platform that can make any vehicle with a key fob shareable.

Geotab Keyless is aimed at mobility providers, car manufacturers and leasing providers to make their vehicle fleets shareable.

Once the Keyless solution is linked with a vehicle’s keyfob and a car sharing provider's smartphone app, drivers can then use their phone to lock, unlock and start their vehicle.

The new solution was revealed at the company’s third annual Geotab Mobility Connect conference and the company says it will enable a new class of car sharing by allowing public, corporate, leasing and government fleets to better analyse, utilise and reduce their assets.

Christopher Mendes, Geotab vice president electric vehicles, said: “Keyless vehicle access is critical not only for fleets seeking to improve cost and operational structures but also consumers, who are moving away from vehicle ownership and expecting an easier, more convenient driving experience.”

According to a 2019 research report from Berg Insights, worldwide car sharing membership topped 50.4 million in 2018, with the report citing frontrunners including Germany, Italy, USA and South Korea.

Berg Insights also notes that several car makers, leasing companies and car rental companies are introducing car sharing solutions for corporate customers, with a goal to reduce mobility costs for enterprises by decreasing fleet capacity and the need for taxis and rental cars, while enabling self-booking and keyless access.

Mendes said: “Geotab Keyless is designed to enhance car sharing across every segment, including in-car delivery services in the future.

“Keyless is particularly advantageous for electric vehicle (EV) car sharing fleets, as the solution can reliably manage vehicles’ state of charge (SOC), charging status and range remaining.”

 Transport Minister Rachel Maclean

Virtual Smart Transport Conference 2020 presentations available to view now

After three packed days of content the first Virtual Smart Transport Conference has come to a close, but delegates can now gain free access to rewatch all the presentations during the show.

How to watch the presentations

Videos can be accessed by heading to the Agenda & Live Stream section of the Virtual Smart Transport Conference event website and choosing sessions to watch from across the three days.

The event featured thought leadership presentations from over 45 key stakeholders from the public and private sector, with opening statements from transport minister Rachel Maclean (pictured) and Mayor for Greater Manchester Combined Authority Andy Burnham.

Watch now

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  • daveforever - 02/02/2021 13:19

    This is a great idea for Geotab - although of course in the real work it goes hand-in-hand with business mobile security policies. I look forward to testing it out!

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