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Majority of EV drivers don't experience charging issues, says EVBox

Over three quarters of electric vehicle (EV) drivers do not encounter problems charging their vehicles, indicating that exposure to the technology is the key to overcoming charging anxiety, according to EVBox.

Worries around charging infrastructure and being able to charge electric vehicles is often cited as one of the major barriers to adoption.

However, EVBox's survey of 3,600 European citizens across six countries—UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Norway, show that those that have used EVs are not experience problems with charging in the majority of cases.

This does suggest a chicken and egg scenario as many EV drivers would have taken the plunge to install off-street home charging facilities, providing them stability for charging outside the public charging network, whereas those customers that are unsure about the technology would not have access to this facility before they choose to buy.

The results from EVBox suggest EV manufacturers and their franchised dealer and leasing partners need to think more intelligently about how to offer extended road tests and access to charging to help potential customers properly test out how using an EV would fit into their daily lives.

An even greater proportion in the UK (81%) said the Government should prioritise policies that protect the environment and over two thirds (69%) also strongly support tax credits to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Current EV drivers prove extremely loyal when it comes to electric driving—with 83% saying that they would opt for an EV again.

Jonathan Goose, regional director of EVBox UK & Ireland, said: “At EVBox, we want to hold ourselves and our industry accountable for ensuring the availability of electric mobility to every driver and business—resulting in cleaner transport, a better-connected world, and a more sustainable future.

"Our market research shows citizens across Europe expect their governments, car manufacturers, charging station manufacturers, and other businesses to take an active role in protecting and positively impacting the environment.

"Together, we need to remove the main barriers to EV adoption so that future generations have the chance to experience a healthy planet connected by clean, electric mobility.“

 Transport Minister Rachel Maclean

Virtual Smart Transport Conference 2020 presentations available to view now

After three packed days of content the first Virtual Smart Transport Conference has come to a close, but delegates can now gain free access to rewatch all the presentations during the show.

How to watch the presentations

Videos can be accessed by heading to the Agenda & Live Stream section of the Virtual Smart Transport Conference event website and choosing sessions to watch from across the three days.

The event featured thought leadership presentations from over 45 key stakeholders from the public and private sector, with opening statements from transport minister Rachel Maclean (pictured) and Mayor for Greater Manchester Combined Authority Andy Burnham.

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