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EVs “three times cleaner” than petrol and diesel models, according to Transport and Environment

Transport and Environment (T&E) has developed a tool that it says shows electric vehicles are three times cleaner than petrol and diesel models.

The new tool from the non-profit organisation that promotes zero-emission mobility compiles data on CO2 emissions linked to the use of an electric, diesel and petrol car.

T&E said it has taken into account criteria such as the amount of CO2 emitted when electricity is produced or fuel is burnt, as well as the carbon impact of resource extraction for batteries or of building a power plant.

Plug-in hybrids were not taken into account for the comparisons, only Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) were included.

Data from the tool shows that in the worst case scenario, an electric car with a battery produced in China and driven in Poland still emits 22% less CO2 than diesel and 28% less than petrol.

In the best case scenario, an electric car with a battery produced in Sweden and driven in Sweden can emit 80% less CO2 than diesel and 81% less than petrol.

Lucien Mathieu, Transport and eMobility analyst at Transport & Environment, said: "This tool puts to rest the myth that driving an electric car in Europe can be worse for the climate than an equivalent diesel or petrol.

“It's simply not true. The most up-to-date data shows that electric cars in the EU emit almost three times less CO2 on average. Electric cars will reduce CO2 emissions four-fold by 2030 thanks to an EU grid relying more and more on renewables.

“If European governments are serious about decarbonising during the crisis recovery, they must speed up the transition to electric vehicles."

The new tool will be updated as new data is available and T&E has also made an F&Q available that explains its metholdology for comparisons in further detail.

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