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helloEV launches new EV fleet sharing technology in UK

An electric vehicle (EV) solutions company has launched an app in the UK that enables fleets of EVs to be shared.

helloEV have introduced the innovative platform to the UK as part of its vision to help tackle the climate emergency, via technology.

The app is designed to help organisations and communities with EVs to create a car-pooling system, managed via a keyless booking app.

The technology also helps organisations reduce the number of vehicles it requires to operate. The company was founded in Oxford by Antony Page and Jason Warwick to supply EV sharing, mobility and energy solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

helloEV Managing Director, Antony Page said: “We are passionate about reducing environmental impacts from petrol and diesel fleet vehicles. The current climate emergency is well documented, and we can all play a role in tackling this together in the commercial and public sectors.

“Businesses are taking the positive step of converting their fleet of vehicles to EVs, but our technology can help them manage their EV fleets more effectively. The app enables them to share fleet EVs, which also helps them to reduce the number of vehicles they require, thus saving them money alongside emissions.”

At least 18 cities are implementing zero emissions or clean air zones. These include charging fossil fuel vehicles to enter the zones or excluding them completely and workplace charging levies. In total the Government required 29 cities to review air quality levels under the Clean Air strategy.

helloEV Chief Technical Officer, Jason Warwick said: “As a country we now have 15 years to achieve big change set by government and it’s achievable. The benefits of switching to EVs are vast, zero pollution, a huge reduction in fuel costs, reduced maintenance and having vehicles with a longer life span. We hope the UK embraces shared EVs and the country can make positive strides in this crucial area.”

helloEV was set up with funding from the European Commission and European Investment Bank ELENA programme. It provides advice on current government grants for EVs and charge points, in addition to guidance on taxation and wider benefits of going electric. It includes providing test drives and demonstrations of EVs and sharing systems to help raise awareness.

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