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Previous questions
  • Fewer people will move to the city = 81.3%
  • More people will move to the city = 4.2%
  • No change on current numbers = 14.6%
  • Yes, much less polluted than before = 5.2%
  • Yes, a bit less polluted than before = 38.5%
  • No, will return to pre-Covid-19 levels = 41.7%
  • No, pollution will be worse than before = 13.5%
  • Don’t know = 1.0%
  • More people will use it = 0.0%
  • Fewer people will use it = 93.8%
  • No effect on user numbers = 6.3%
  • Yes – work from home all the time = 8.2%
  • Yes – mix of working from home and office working = 89.8%
  • No – in the office all the time = 2.0%
  • Don’t know = 0.0%
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