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What is Smart Transport?

The Smart Transport is a board membership for national and regional transport policy makers / advisers and the senior management of key private sector companies that allows the sharing and debating of information, opinion and analysis in an independent environment. The board meets quarterly to discuss the topics most affecting members. It is chaired by an independent chairman (Stephen Joseph) who will ensure that the debate focuses on identifying the shared challenges facing members and the potential solutions that may overcome them cutting across the silos it seeks real solutions, not just debate, bringing together a diverse range of senior public policy makers and key private sector transport stakeholders. Beyond the private quarterly meetings, we host two Smart Transport conferences annually. These national conferences are the public face of the membership, where future government policy and strategies are linked to private sector solutions.

Smart Transport’s Membership Board Objectives.

  • Promote engagement between Public Sector policy makers (and advisers) and key players in Private Sector transport verticals.
  • Encourage networking and knowledge transfer between key players in Private Sector transport verticals.

In achieving these objectives Smart Transport aims to deliver a number of benefits:

  • More clarity for the Private Sector on developing policy and the outcomes it seeks to deliver.
  • More clarity for Policymakers on the current and future capabilities of the Private Sector.
  • The opportunity for mutual feedback and debate between Private and Public sectors.
  • Increased levels of collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Smart Transport Board Membership Benefits:

  • 12 Months Sector Exclusivity
  • 4 x Quarterly Private Meetings with National and Regional Government Transport Policy Makers.
  • Participation in all Smart Transport Subcommittees
  • Opportunity to Form Private Session Splinter Groups Away From Smart Transport Forum (Encouraged)
  • Exclusive Headline Sponsorship of Smart Transport Conferences March 2020 London & September 2020 Manchester
  • Guaranteed Conference Speaker & Panel Opportunity x 2
  • Branding on Pre & Post Conference Marketing & Promotional Activity.
  • Branding onsite at Smart Transport Conference March 2020 London & September 2020 Manchester
  • Video Interview with Senior Member of your Management Team.
  • Full Branding on Conference Delegate Packs
  • Conference Passes for staff worth £3,960
  • 3m x 2m Exhibition Space (March 2020 London & September 2020 Manchester)

Smart Transport Board Meeting Schedule:

  • June 2nd, 2021
  • Sept 1st, 2021
  • Dec 1st, 2021
  • March 2nd, 2022

Smart Transport Conferences

  • June 8 & 9 2021 – Virtual
  • Q2 2022
  • Conferences Speaking and Exhibition Opportunities are reserved for Smart Transport Members.

Join us

We have sector exclusive membership opportunities for companies involved in Alternative Fuel Technologies, Telecoms, 5G, Big Data, IIoT, Cyber Security, Spatial Mapping, Smart Ticketing Solutions, Insurance & Risk Management, Housing Development and Land & Property Management. For additional information please Matthew McMullan; Business Director on 07540 236910 or [email protected].