About us

Why now?

Up to this point, the development of the future mobility and transport market has been dominated by multiple distinct verticals (e.g. Autonomous Systems, Smart Ticketing, Data Management Systems etc.) focused on the development of technology and its applications within the vertical.

As progress is made, the focus needs to move to the strategies, business models and partnerships that will enable ideas to become practical solutions. It is widely recognised that this will require significant engagement between policy makers/advisers and key private sector companies, as well as stronger collaboration and knowledge transfer between industry verticals.


What is Smart Transport?

Smart Transport is a membership network, quarterly journal and conference for transport policy makers/advisers and the senior management of key private sector companies that allows the sharing and debating of information, opinion and analysis in an independent environment.

The membership meets quarterly as an ‘editorial board’ to discuss the topics most affecting members. It is chaired by an independent chairman (Stephen Joseph) who will ensure that the debate focuses on identifying the shared challenges facing members and the potential solutions that may overcome them.



Smart Transport’s Conference and Membership Purpose and Benefits.

Smart Transport has two objectives:

  • Promote engagement between Public Sector policy makers (and advisers) and key players in Private Sector transport verticals.
  • Encourage networking and knowledge transfer between key players in Private Sector transport verticals


In achieving these objectives Smart Transport hopes to deliver a number of benefits:

  • More clarity for the Private Sector on developing policy and the outcomes it seeks to deliver.
  • More clarity for Policymakers on the current and future capabilities of the Private Sector.
  • The opportunity for mutual feedback and debate between Private and Public sectors.
  • Increased levels of collaboration and knowledge transfer